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Safe use of bed rails in care homes

carer holding an older persons hand

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has re-published guidance on the correct and safe use of bed rails in residential and nursing care homes.
Bed rails are often also know as side rails, cotsides and safety sides.  Bed rails are used to prevent bed occupants from falling out of bed and injuring themselves.  They are not designed or intended to to prevent people from…

Legionella control in care homes

Run A Care Home sopecialist consultants to the care home sector

Control measures and routine procedures for the prevention of legionella in care homes are important tasks that need to be undertaken regularly.
Sadly, these measures for legionella control in care homes  are often overlooked and the reasons behind them not fully understood by the staff given the role of managing the process.
Very often we will audit a care home and find that housekeeping…

Care Home Management Magazine

Run A Care Hoome specialist consultants to the care home sector advert

Care Home Management
Run A Care Home provides interim care home management services to providers of care in both residential care homes and nursing homes.  We are able to offer our clients a personal service and work with them to agree and deliver achievable outcomes to support a  successful care home business.

We have recently been delighted to work with Care Home Management Magazine in…

Care Homes At Risk

Care Homes At Risk

BBC reports care homes “at risk of going bust” – there has been a 12% increase in the number of care homes going out of business and people should realise that setting up a care home is not a way to make an easy…

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